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Sorry, no notes…I’m running late for Guardians of the Galaxy 2! It’s #SCGT2017, what more do you need to know?!

Tickets for my next event, BLACKOUT, are on sale now! Find more info here – http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/6712-events-uk-blackout-2nd-3rd-september-2017-firestorm-games-cardiff/
Also be sure to get a ticket for the Element Games Grand Slam – http://www.tga.community/calendar/event/145-element-games-grand-slam-aos/

I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas; the show e-mail address is theblacksunpodcast@gmail.com and my twitter is @the_black_sun. I’ve noticed a few e-mails coming in now, so will actually probably do a mailbag episode soon. Keep them coming.

Many thanks and much love,
Chris x

Intro – Fire from the Gods – The Voiceless
Outro – Of Mice & Men – Unbreakable

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