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Hello again,
This week I am joined by US Tournament Superstar Brad Schwandt (perhaps better known as his online alias @Rhellion). This was recorded on the Sunday evening after a long Waaagh! Paca weekend so we are both audibly a bit tired. We have a chat about Brad’s success over the weekend as well as various other bits as we compare the UK/US scenes. Thanks so much to Brad for making it through the recording as his throat was giving him a hard time.
Iā€™d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas; the show e-mail address is theblacksunpodcast@gmail.com and my twitter is @the_black_sun. I’ve noticed a few e-mails coming in now, so will actually probably do a mailbag episode soon. Keep them coming.
Intro ā€“ Architects – Deathwish
Outro ā€“ Infected Rain – Mold

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