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Welcome back,
Firstly I have to apologise for the poor sound quality during this week’s show. Not entirely sure what happened as it sounded fine whilst recording. I chopped some of the worst bits so hopefully it’s listenable as the content is good. Will keep an eye on this in the future as I want good sound quality to remain a key feature of the show.
Former TBS co-host Matt Lyons gives us a run down of his games at Age of Santa. A two day AoS Tournament that Matt won in Cardiff, back in December.
Iā€™d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas; the show e-mail address is theblacksunpodcast@gmail.com and my twitter is @the_black_sun
Intro ā€“ Attila – Let’s Get Abducted
Outro ā€“ Korn – A Different World (feat. Corey Taylor)

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