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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!!

This time me and Gary are joined by regular guest to the main show, Weird Porn Matt.

We briefly talk about the new Chaos Space Marine releases, including the Daemon Seagull.
In a break from the norm, we talk about gaming as Matt runs us through his proposed 1850 list (Is 1850 points a standard game or have we been duped?!).

I contribute absolutely nothing whatsoever, other than putting us off topic. shocker eh!

We actually learn a few rules a long the way, as well as a sex tip for Dom and a pretty disturbing fact from Gary!

Obviously we jest in reference to other 40K podcasts, I’d actually be interested to here about any other good shows out there!

Our main show email is still down, so contact me on and follow me on twitter @the_black_sun

Also don’t forget that all the photos of our stuff will appear on so please check it out!


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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

It occured to me (after a few prods on Twitter) that I really needed to be sharing some photos of what we are all getting up to in this project. This should complete my aim of making the Tale of 40K Gamers Podcasts a sort of audio blog.

So without further a do, here are photos of what everyone painted in Month One. Remember we had to paint a Troops choice as well as a Heavy Support choice. I have included small bits of blurb that the participants submitted. Obviously for me and Gary you can listen to Episode 2 for our thoughts! Apologies for the quality of some of the photos.

Chris Tomlin – Necrons

12 Necron Warriors

Annihilation Barge

Gary Hennessey – Orks

12 Ork Bikers


Jan Proudley – Tyranids
I choose the Gargoyles and the Termagaunts because I wanted to get half of my chaff out of the way and give myself a good head start model-wise. Painting wise here’s what I did:

Skin was a base coat of Baneblade Brown, followed by a shade of Athonian Camoshade and then I highlight of Baneblade Brown and Ulthuan Grey 50/50.

Carapace was a base coat of Castellan Green, followed by a line and edge highlight of Skarsnik Green and a finer highlight of Moot Green.

The orange is done with a Troll Slayer Orange with a shade of Athonian Camoshade to add depth.

Teeth and eyes done with Ulthuan Grey.

Saying that I really enjoyed painting the gargoyles and trying new things on the wings which has aided me in painting one thing in particular for month 2.

10 Termagaunts

20 Gargoyles

Matt Lee – Dark Eldar
“For my month 1 choices I went for a unit of 9 Wyches in their Raider and a Talos. The Wyches were my first troop unit simply because I had the models. The Talos was a model I wanted to paint very early on to ensure I could fit in the paint scheme.

The Models have been painted in a simple dark scheme with some brighter colours. All the metal areas have been painted Ironbreaker washed with a 1:1 mix of Abaddon Black and Nuln Oil, and then edge highlighted with Mithril Silver. Most areas have then been kept black. Gems and pipework have been painted Hawk Turquiose and all hair painted orange. I have loved painting the models so far, bar the Raider; I am really out of practice painting large flat areas. Luckily I have a lot more vehicles to paint…Roll on month 2!”

9 Wyches



Aaron Bailey – Eldar
“I really enjoyed the poseability of 40K models and not having to rank stuff up. Basing was fun to do as well. I knew the paint scheme I wanted and was happy with the results. Painting the tank was strange, airbrush was really helpful for a smooth coat and really quick. The best part was having the iMessage chat to keep motivation with some healthy banter and seeing others progress. It kept it really interactive. Overall I’m really happy so far and can’t wait to play some games. Pew pew!”

10 Guardians w/ Weapons Platform and Warlock


Joe Hadfield – Space Wolves

5 Grey Hunters

5 Long Fangs

Craig Wheeler – Chaos Space Marines
“So I went for the Black Legion mainly because I wanted to update my old army, but also because I wanted to show that they are not a dull army to paint. Hopefully I’ve managed to achieve that!

With the first squad I spent about a while posing each marine, to get across that these guys have been through roughly 10 000 years of warfare and treat most battlefields with casual indifference. Paintwise, I went for a dull bronze rather than gold for the shoulder trims as I felt that anything brighter would make the models look to ‘busy’ with the yellow or red spot colours.

I’m not to happy with the bases if I’m honest. I wanted the barren desert look, but I feel that i should have put some more rocks or bones on their just to break it up a bit.”

10 Chaos Space Marines



So I hope you guys enjoyed the eye candy, and be sure to check back for more soon!



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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

Welcome back, sorry for the delay in between episodes. Hopefully they will be more frequent now. Once again I am joined by gary Hennessey, this time via the magic of Skype (these shows will not be recorded on the new equipment).

Month one is now finished, so this slightly longer show goes into detail on how myself and Gary painted our units as well as a brief overview of how the other participants got on. This is a re-recording as we lost Gary’s audio the first time around.

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Music; Through Struggle – As I Lay Dying


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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

Welcome to the first in what will be a series of short recordings about me and some of my friends foray into the world of Warhammer 40,000 – eurghhh!

This episode I am joined by Gary Hennessey, who will be my regular co-host on this segment. The sound is horrible in parts  as we were sat in the wind outside Wetherspoons, then the seagulls kick in. Sorry!!

We give a brief overview of what the Tale of 40k Gamers is, who is involved and what they are doing as well as some updating you on the love life of New Cock Jan! Gary also goes a bit more in depth about the plans for his Ork army.

This was recorded over a month ago, but they will be more frequent now, so keep an eye out for future episodes. If you aren’t interested in 40K, then just dont listen!!

Send anything to and follow me on Twitter @the_black_sun