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Just a quick one today guys. After a chat with our sponsor, Byron Orde from I have reordered the Month 2 blog post so that it flows better with Episode 5 – namely putting the armies in the order they are discussed on the show.

Hope that makes for a better and more interactive experience.

Chris – @the_black_sun

Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

Ok…Its all well and good calling this thing an audio blog, but without updates it sort’ve fails, right? So, only about a month late, but finally you can feast your eyes on the fantastic work we all produced during Month 2. Unfortunately The Joe dropped out at some point during this month, so no more Space Wolves to share.

So without further a do, here are photos of what everyone painted in Month Two. For this month we had to paint a HQ and a Troops choice, including all relevant add-on’s and Dedicated Transports. I have included small bits of blurb that some of the participants submitted. Obviously for me and Gary you can listen to Episode 5 for our thoughts! Apologies for the quality of some of the photos.

Jan Proudley – Tyranids

Hive Tyrant

3 Hive Guard


Month Two Group Shot

Army Group Shot

Matt Lee – Dark Eldar

“I still don’t like painting raiders but that’s the second one all done. Month 2 has allowed me to spend a little bit of time on my Archon and I am particularly happy with the Agoniser and cloak. The Warriors took a little extra work as I couldn’t decide on the helmets but I think the gold has worked well.”


10 Kabalite Warriors

Group Shot

Chris Tomlin – Necrons

Necron Overlord

3 Crypteks

7 Immortals


Group Shot

Gary Hennessey – Orks

“This month was a real challenge. After the first month of 12 Warbikers, I knew what pain this month’s 12 Warbikers held! I decided to paint Wazzdakka first to get the ball rolling. It’s a lovely model from Forgeworld. I am happy overall with it, though I feel I may have done to much rust. I then decided to make and paint the 12 bikers in 3 days! Managed it and here are the results;”


12 Ork Warbikers

Aaron Bailey – Eldar

“That’s all the guardians done, so it should be interesting getting into the Aspect Warriors in future months to add some different colour schemes. Glad I don’t have to do any more white! Pretty happy with how things have turned out and was great to see them on tabletop with Jan’s fully painted Month 2 stuff for the first time.”

Farseer and Warlocks

10 Guardians w/ Weapons Platform and Warlock

Group Shot

Craig Wheeler – Chaos Space Marines

“So month two was a tricky month for me as I suffered from a bad case of painters block. Originally I was going to paint some Cultists as my troops choice, but no matter what ideas I had, I was never happy with the finished product. Then I had the same trouble with my Daemon Prince… But! Four weeks later and I have finished! First up is my Daemon Prince Kora’Van’eth. Formerly Jarod the Blackened of the 16th Legion. I had originally planned to paint him with pale blue skin, but as time went on I felt that he just was not looking right. Eventually I decided to go for a more “default” scheme and settled on red, which I feel suits the model much better! Next up is a small unit of Plague Marines, Although I had planned to replace these guys with Cultists, lack of time and my love of these older minis meant I had to include them.”

Daemon Prince

6 Plague Marines

Group Shot





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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

Firstly apologies for how ridiculously behind we are on this thing. In this episode, myself and Gary talk about what everyone painted for Month 2 (we are actually on Month 4 now!!) and give some thoughts on everyones work. Don’t forget to head on over to and click on “TO40KG – Blog Posts” to view some photos of the models we are discussing.

We will be endeavouring to catch up on this project and also do some gaming related shows. So stick with us and enjoy it as and when we get our acts together. I say we, its mostly just me!!

Chris – @the_black_sun

Music – Seven Days – Craig David