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Pew pew pew motherfuckers,

Here are some photos for you to enjoy whilst listening to Episode 6 of the show. Remember we had to paint an Elite choice as well as a Fast Attack choice for Month 3. We are past the halfway point now, so lets see how everyone is getting on…

Craig Wheeler – Chaos Space Marines

5 Chaos Space Marine Terminators


Gary Hennessey – Orks

10 Burna Boyz

Dakka Jet

Chris Tomlin – Necrons; FAIL!!! (Buying back in)

Jan Proudley – Tyranids; FAIL!!! (Buying back in)

Aaron Bailey – Eldar; FAIL!!! (Buying back in)

Matt Lee – Dark Eldar; FAIL!!! (Dropping out)

So as you can see it wasn’t an overly successful month! Lets hope everyone can step up their game and catch up for Month 4. Tune in to find out. Cheers,

Chris – @the_black_sun

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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!

Welcome back to another installment of TBS Tale of 40K Gamers. In this episode we talk about Month 3 and how well (or badly!) people have done. We also discuss our plans to actually play this game, as well as the future of the series.

Don’t forget to play along at home over on (click To40KG Blog Posts).

Chris – @the_black_sun

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