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Pew pew pew motherfuckers!!

Welcome to  a very special release; the first Videocast in Black Sun history! What a fantastic way to kick off 2013. This was the idea of #To40KG co-host Gary Hennessey, who went on to film//edit//produce this episode. So massive thanks to him for putting the work in to get this done.

The video itself is what you may expect from The Black Sun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously as we play some toy soldiers, have some beers and take the piss of one another (especially poor Jan!). I almost didn’t release this, as its true what they say, the camera really does add 108 pounds (either that or I am just really fat!!). I look disgusting, and safe to say this video will prompt some form of dieting…so The Black Sun officially IS good for your health!!

We’d love to hear any opinions on this episode, infact more than usual. Let us know what you think of this style of show and if it proves popular we will endeavour to put out more.

Thanks for watching,

Chris – @the_black_sun