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Welcome to our first episode in 2 months!

We’ve had a bit of a break, but are back with a bumper long (or standard length for us nowadays?) show with plenty to talk about. Unfortunately something went wrong whilst recording and from the second segment onwards, it sounds like we are recording over Skype, at the bottom of the ocean. I have no idea what went wrong, it’s thoroughly demoralising and I almost binned the episode, but thought you lovely peopled deserved something after such a gap between shows.

Hopefully you can get some enjoyment from the show regardless and suffice to say, it won’t happen again!

This episode we are covering not one, not two, but THREE tournaments; The “6” Nations, The Midlands Open and The Weymouth Waaagh!

Byron from Element Games also calls in to chat to us about there most recent news. Dom gives us an update on his Girlfriend (had you heard? Dom Hook has a girlfriend!!). Myself and Scott talking about Roleplaying and introduce our Pathfinder characters!

Don’t forget that you can help the show by donating over on – just follow the Paypal link. I’m also including a link to the unofficial WFB army books we mentioned, check ’em out! I am in talks this week for some brand new dice, so look out for them!

I have nothing further to add for now, other than how much I love #scotchjan

Cheers for listening,

The Warhammer Armies Project (Unofficial Army Lists) –

Intro – Curse of the Virgin Canvas – Alesana
0:22:00 – The Artist – Alesana
1:07:10 – Oxygen Eater – Nibiru *Corehammer Pick*
1:57:40 – To Be Scared By An Owl – Alesana
2:30:45 – The Thespian – Alesana
Outro – Annabel – Alesana