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Hello and welcome to a slightly different episode of The Black Sun,

Just myself and Scott today as we discuss our new projects; with both of us working on armies from the range of unofficial Warhammer Armies books, written by M4cR1II3n.

Scott tells us how he plans to make a dual purpose Kislev//Empire army and shares some excellent tips on snow basing – Mark Wildman take note!

Meanwhile, I begin my Nippon army. There’s a bit of a battle report here, though Scott seems to lose enthusiasm towards the end!

I know this subject is something not all our listeners will even vaguely care about, but its something we are passionate about and wanted to share. We’d love your feedback.

Blame Scott for the music!!

Cheers, Chris


Warhammer Armies Project –

Intro – Infest – Papa Roach
0:08:05 – Blurry – Puddle of Mudd
0:34:05 – Bin Juice – Koresh *Corehammer Pick*
1:04:50 – Between Angels And Insects – Papa Roach
Outro – Open Your Eyes – Staind