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Hello boys & girls,

A second show so quickly after the last; you lucky lucky people. This episode myself and The Boss are joined by Crispy//Chippy Rick (Ricky Mee).

The three of us all met up on a Monday and played a few games, some of which featured the new Dark Elf book. So we thought we’d record a little show and just have a bit of chit-chat!!

Not much more to say really, just dont forget to head on over to to help out with Steve Foote and co’s charity 48hr marathon game of WFB.



Intro – The Worst Is Yet To Come – Still Remains
0:28:20 – Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
0:59:30 – Gravestone – Deuce
1:16:00 – Realm of Chaos – Bolt Thrower *Corehammer Pick*
Outro – Only A Year Or So… – 36 Crazyfists

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Welcome back boys & girls,

Slight delay in this episode thanks to a pretty nasty ankle injury I sustained in the most manly of fashions (and definitely not playing Badminton!!!).

Once again it’s a stupidly long episode, we really are going to try to curb this, but with two Tournaments to report on its pretty tough.

We have Ben Diesel back on air, so prepare for plenty of heavy breathing, burping, farting, sneezing & coughing!! Find out what everyone has been up to in the hobby as we have a little “show & tell (or should that be “show & break”?!) during the recording. My Mantic Elves are since much improved from the descriptions during this episode and no where near as offensive…maybe. Scott’s Kislev is coming on nicely and even Diesel has been hobbying.

The first tournament reviewed is the Portsmouth Pillage with its controversial (lack of) points docking. Scott tells us of his love for Jim Henderson before we get into a chat on how the tournament went.

Next up was the fantastic Clash of Swords, run by Mo Ashraf, where much fun was had by all. The Black Sun’s old adversary, Stephen Hawking (Stuart Hawkins), is back and faces off against no less than 3 of us in the one event!! Who will come out on top?! Also we find out about the 2 hours Scott spent in the company of All The Porn Andy Russell – Not to be missed!

Don’t forget to check the links below for some of the stuff mentioned during the show.

“One day he’ll fall” – Ben Diesel

Thanks for listening,

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Bjorn Supremacy; Tom Mawdsley’s Swedish Comp Tournament –
Corehammer DIY foam tray article *This is great* –

Intro – Star Wars Theme – John Williams
0:19:00 – You Know Who’s Seatbelt – The Bled
0:48:55 – Survivor Guilt – Rise Against
1:40:25 – No Leash – Down To Nothing *Corehammer Pick*
2:30:55 – We’re All To Blame – Sum 41
Outro – Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis – Trivium