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*Note; this is not the WAAAGH!Paca episode you may be hoping for – That is due out in the next week*

Welcome back to another fun packed episode of The Black Sun bitches!

Regular hosts Chris, Scott and Dom are joined by fan favourite Weird Porn Matt to discuss the House Championships that recently took place at The Giant’s Lair in Plymouth.

We also cover the new White Dwarf Weekly & Warhammer Visions magazines. There’s also a very interesting (I think!) chat about proxy models//armies at tournaments.

On top of all this, we get a stunning revelation about Orc nipples, find out that Matt likes to tell lies and that Scott is now a “First Blood” Wrestling Champion!!

Also, dice are still available. The new colour design is in stock and ready to buy (the pips are actually more of  pastel baby pink colour rather than the white the look in the pic below). The easiest way to purchase is to click on the donate button on the homepage and donate the right amount. Just be sure to include your postal address in the payment. Costs are as follows;

£8 per set of 10 dice – postage costs only need to be paid once for up to 3 sets of dice. UK – £2 // International – £4.50

I only get each colour of dice made once, so when these are gone, that’s it!

Thanks for listening, check back soon for our WAAAGH!Paca coverage…

Chris @the_black_sun

*PS – I do hope people listen after the outro as habit, but if not, its certainly worth doing so this time around!!

Intro – A Day to Remember – Violence (Enough is Enough)
0:34:00 – Craig David – What’s Your Flava
1:08:30 – The Hurt Process – Take To You
1:45:35 – Jamie T – Sheila *BOSS PICK*
Outro – Killswitch Engage – Always