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Hey there,

Welcome to our review of Month 7 of our Slaughtering Grounds campaign. Be sure you head on over to to check out the photos of the cool models we discuss.

We also have a bit of a chat about the fantastic new Nagash stuff; The End Times are here geeks, get over it and embrace it!! Unfortunately I was feeling a bit rough, I tried to cut all the coughs but some slipped through. There’s an interesting chat about motivation as well.

The highlight of the show is when Ben Diesel calls in! Gives you an insight into the day to day conversations we have with the Big Dogger!

Finally, we get onto the grand finale of our contest! The last 20 mins of this podcast do get a bit extreme in places, so please consider your environment when listening!!
Enjoy the show!

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Intro – A Day to Remember – The Downfall of Us All
0:28:10 – Beartooth – Me In My Own Head
0:55:45 – A Day to Remember – Since U Been Gone
1:23:05 – System Of A Down – Sugar
Outro – Puddle of Mudd – Control

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Also special shout outs to BLACKOUT sponsors and

Welcome back boys and girls,

I may have lost my voice post Clash of Swords but luckily I can still edit!

This show features myself and Matt Lee talking about what we’ve been up to in the hobby, a bit about the new Nagash stuff and our main topic of the fantastic little one dayer we attended; Vengeance (and the associated festivities!)

Don’t forget to get in your contest entries; send them to our new show email address – and check out the blog for our Slaughtering Grounds campaign –

Enjoy the show!


Intro – American Head Charge – A Violent Reaction
0:24:55 – Hollywood Undead – Up In Smoke
0:55:05 – Taking Back Sunday – Lair (it takes two)
Outro – Alien Ant Farm – Attitude