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Hey guys,

So we are just over a week into the fund raising extravaganza and I just want to say a massive massive thank you to everyone who has donated thus far. This has now exceeded my expectations and the actual process has just been highly enjoyable.

Firstly, if you can’t be bothered to scroll down, check the original post here – you will find full details of how to get involved there.

Here is where we are at with the “stretch goals” currently…

£400 – The fully painted Vampire Counts army will be given away (see pics below or via link above)
£450 – Vampire Counts army book and ltd ed magic cards added!
£500 – Tomb Kings army book and ltd ed magic cards added!
£550 – Sartosan Vampire model added – I will personally paint this to fit in with the army. Most people prefer to field the Vampire over the Ghoul King so I’m sure the recipient will be pleased. Lovely model as well.
£600 – Converted VC themed Casket of Souls added – I will personally paint this to fit in with the army. This just became an Undead Legions army!!

Currently we are sat at the huge figure of **£628**. This is amazing. It also means I need some more “stretch goals”. So lets see (I don’t for one second think all of these will be reached by the way!!);

£650 – 30 Mantic Zombies will be added, painted by me to match the army.
£700 – 30 Mantic Zombies will be added, painted by me to match the army (so 60 total!).
£750 – 30 Mantic Zombies will be added, painted by me to match the army (so 90 total!!).
£800 – Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night will be added, painted by me to match the army!!!

So there we go! As I said, this has already gotten bigger than I’d hoped, but please don’t stop now!! Someone is going to be made very happy in return.

*Please note that I cannot promise a timeframe for when the additional models will be painted. I’m happy to send the army first and the other bits when complete though*

Here is a couple of pics of the models added so far;

Once again, thanks so much, and please read the previous post carefully before donating,

Chris x



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Hello and welcome to another episode of The Black Sun Weekly…or at least that’s what it feels like at the moment; Record. Edit. Repeat 🙁

I do realise I missed a trick here. Episode 69 should clearly have been a “special” show with Matt!!

Please do check out the post below this about my VC army and if you can afford to spare a few quid, that’d be greatly appreciated. There’s a great army which is 100% going to be given away to one of you kind souls!!

So in this episode we discuss;

** How Dom literally saved my life before we recorded!
** Our lists and fears for Blood & Glory next week
** The filthiest game of Triumph and Treachery ever!
** A great Friday night in Metro’s
** The fantastic tournament; Tribute
** The impromptu announcement of our Christmas Special, to feature a one off Ask Ben Diesel segment (the original and best WFB Podcast Q&A segment – snack a dick, Dicks!)

Don’t forget our new show email address if you want to get in touch with any of the hosts, or indeed submit your own Question for Ask Ben Diesel – and check out the blog for our Slaughtering Grounds campaign –


Intro – Enter Shikari – Sorry, You’re Not A Winner
0:25:15 – Of Mice & Men – Another You
0:29:50 – Of Mice & Men – Another You
0:56:25 – Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness
1:25:20 – Alexisonfire – This Could Be Anywhere In The World
Outro – Slipknot – Wait And Bleed

Hey there guys and girls,

Hope everyone is well. Just about to start editing Episode 69 (oh yeh!) but wanted to post this exciting news first.

For years, Podcasters have kindly asked for donations from their listeners. These donations can be for a multitude of things; gear, hosting, travel (often to overseas events), tickets, models, beer, you get the idea. Whilst such schemes always get their detractors, I think (as an avid Podcast listener myself) many fans are happy to give a little back in lieu of the time put into free content!

So I’m off to America again in January, to the simply fantastic Waaagh! Paca event, and I cant wait.

To the right of this post is a Paypal donate button. I would kindly ask that if you get any small measure of enjoyment from what me and my boys produce, you click the button and donate any amount, small or large, in multiples of £1 (please note). Your donations will be used towards my flight, my drink and potentially a new army.

Aside from this, please do not write any comment whatsoever in your donation (other than your name if you use someone else’s account). I cannot stress this point enough. You can also send Paypal as gift to (THIS OPTION IS PREFERRED PLEASE) – the same applies though; Do not put a message (other than name if need be).

**EDIT – a Twitter handle in the note is also acceptable**

However, it does not end there.

If you are kind enough to donate to basically allow me to have fun, I feel like I should give something back (Yes, other than all that mega mega TBS goodness!).

So for every multiple of £1 you donate I will give you give a like for like number of chances to be the recipient of the Vampire Counts / Undead Legions army below.

This is not a raffle and you are not buying tickets. This is bro’s helping out bro’s.

The army was painted to a good tabletop standard by commission painter Chloe Clegg (she’s very good, you can find her on Facebook as CLC Painting). Its Strigoi themed and has a number of features that make it “pop” on the tabletop; namely the blood effects and the glowing eyes. Here is what’s in the initial army;

Ghoul King – Plastic model from Terrorgheist box, painted to an even stronger standard.

Necromancer – Plastic model

Banshee – Out of production metal model

2x 30 Ghouls – Fantastic out of production metal models with magnetized movement trays.

8 Crypt Horrors – Plastic models with magnetized movement tray (this will be painted!).

2x 2 Fell Bats – Metal models with magnetized movement tray.

3x 1 Spirit Hosts – Plastic Mantic models with magnetized individual movement trays.

Varghulf – Metal model

2x Terrorgheist – Plastic models, one kitbashed with the Zombie Dragon part for variety.

There is approximately £300 of models (hard to be exact with the OOP stuff) here alone.

Here are some photos, apologies for the poor image quality;

On top of the basic army I have plenty of other bits including army books, magic cards and additional models. The more that is donated the more I will decide to give away in return. Needless to say I will also post this to you wherever in the world you live!

The first goal we are aiming for is £400, once that is reached I’ll let you know and start giving info on how much more we’ll need before you can add for example, 90 Zombies to the army (Please note that if a minimum of £400 is not raised I will return all donations).

To decide who I give away the army to I will put everyone’s names onto a spreadsheet and get on a Skype video call with a couple of random impartials and roll some dice! This will all happen on the evening of Friday 12th December, obviously you can continue to donate after this date if you so desire!

Please remember not to include a note with your donations and of course it goes without saying, massive thanks in advance to all the kind souls donating 😉

If anyone is genuinely confused by all this, please e-mail me at and I can explain further.

Much love,
Chris x

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Hello boys and girls,

Better late than never, I an proud to finally present our coverage of my tournament; BLACKOUT!

We also discuss the fantastic new End Times release from GW; Glottkin and announce the winner of the BLACKOUT merch contest.

As you’ll hear, I probably need to sell my VC to fund my trip to Waaagh! Paca 2015, so if you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail!

Finally, check out the other Podcast I feature on, The Tabletop Project, for more BLACKOUT coverage on an upcoming episode. This can be found as part of the brilliant portfolio.
Don’t forget our new show email address if you want to get in touch with any of the hosts – and check out the blog for our Slaughtering Grounds campaign –


Intro – Enter Shikari – OK, Time For Plan B
0:18:15 – (Hed)P.E. – Blackout
0:44:35 – The Blackout – The Beijing Cocktail
1:11:30 – City And Colour – Day Old Hate
1:50:25 – Linkin Park – Blackout
Outro – A Day to Remember – If It Means a Lot to You

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No real notes as I’m in a rush to get to the campaign day!

This episode myself, Scott & Matt discuss month 8 of The Slaughtering Grounds.

This one of the most heavily cut episodes ever…I was inexplicably drunk on a weekday!

Please please check out the BLACKOUT Merch Contest below, it’ll really help out the show if you can get an entry in. The contest deadline is 10pm GMT 01/11/14 (TODAY!!)

Don’t forget our new show email address if you want to get in touch with any of the hosts – and check out the blog for our Slaughtering Grounds campaign –


Intro – Evergreen Terrace – Bad Energy Troll
0:17:15 – Rob Cantor – Shia LaBeouf (WATCH THE VIDEO! –
0:53:05 – A Day to Remember – Homesick
1:21:25 – Steel Panther- She’s On The Rag
Outro – Idina Menzel – Let It Go