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We. Are. Back.

After a five month hiatus, the crew are finally back together as the dust begins to settle post Age of Sigmar. If you are wondering what we are going to be covering – have a little listen and find out.

This episode does lack a bit of focus to be honest as we just catch up on what’s been happening and what the rest of the TBS boys are up to.

But I’ll keep this brief due to the nature of the show, in future there will be more comprehensive show notes as per usual.

We’d love to hear from you. The show e-mail address is and all our Twitter handles can be found on the contacts page.

The new dice are now available to pre order. Please see below.

Check out the following links;
New Dawn – my upcoming AoS Tournament –
Age of Sigbrah – an AoS Podcast –
Scenery Dice – super useful gaming aids –

Really hope you enjoy the show, its been fun to do again!
Chris – @the_black_sun

Intro – Crown the Empire – The Glass Elevator (Walls)
0:20:45 – Sia – Alive
0:55:15 – A Day to Remember – You Should’ve Killed Me When You Had the Chance
Outro – John Denver – Please Daddy (Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas)

Hey boys and girls,

I am pleased to announce two lovely new TBS dice designs to celebrate the impending return of the show. Both Black & Gold and Teal & Gold are now available for pre order! To get your hands on them, carefully follow the instructions below. To qualify the term “pre order”, these dice have already been paid for and ordered by myself, I am expecting to receive delivery of them in around 5-6 weeks (please note I have no control over this and there could feasibly be delays). Once I have taken delivery of them I will post out.

So lets get down to business. My Paypal address is and you need to be sending as a gift or friends and family – this is important! Be sure to include your address and what colour dice you want in the notes.

Dice cost £8 for 10 dice in either the Black & Gold or Teal & Gold (ie 10 of one colour, there is no mixing 5 of each, if you want a mix buy 2 sets!).

Postage in the UK is £2 for up to 20 dice, for every 10 dice over that please add 50p. Example (UK);
10 Dice = £10 (£8 for dice + £2 for P&P)
20 Dice = £18 (£16 for dice + £2 for P&P)
30 Dice = £26.50 (£24 for dice + £2.50 for P&P)

Postage overseas is £4 for up to 20 dice, for every 10 dice over that please add 50p. Example (overseas);
10 Dice = £12 (£8 for dice + £4 for P&P)
20 Dice = £20 (£16 for dice + £4 for P&P)
30 Dice = £28.50 (£24 for dice + £4.50 for P&P)

Hopefully this makes sense to everyone, if you are unsure, hit me up by e-mail (same address) or on Twitter @the_black_sun and I can clarify for you.

Please just remember to pay as friends and family, add your address to notes and confirm which colour set(s) you want!

I am unsure whether I will do these colours again or whether the next set(s) will be a different colour.

Many thanks for supporting the show, there is a brand new episode coming out before Christmas, so look forward to plenty of TBS back in your life going into 2016.

Also check out TWF later tonight for information on my upcoming Age of Sigmar tournament; New Dawn.

Once again, thank you all and much love,

Chris x


Hey there,

We are soooo close to our big return! I’ll be doing some extra work on the website to make it more user friendly and easier for you to get in touch with us.

I am also currently working to remove the blocks that are incorrectly on this website under some providers.

Anyway, here’s the best way to contact us;

E-mail –

Twitter – @the_black_sun

Look out for a new episode very soon!!