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Hey there boys and girls,

Welcome back to another episode as I am once again joined by Dom and Ricky to chat some more Warhammer!

We failed in our attempts to keep to the proposed shorter and sensible format, as the show creeps over 2 hours and has some..ur..interesting(?) chat about a minute in. But stick with it as we get into the good stuff quick enough.

This episode covers Fyreslayers, coverage of games we’ve played, SDK comp and hobby plans – Lets see if Ricky can make 2016 the year he delivers and actually does some hobby!

I was feeling slightly under the weather so my throat and voice were a little dodgy – apologies, but I was keen to get an episode out between New Year and the SCGT comp pack coming out as discussed.

We’d love to hear from you. The show e-mail address is and all our Twitter handles can be found on the contacts page.

The new dice are now available to pre order. Please see a few posts below and get on that!

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Hope you enjoy, see you soon
Chris – @the_black_sun

Intro – Panic! At the Disco – Victorious
0:27:35 – Gunship – Black Sun On The Horizon (feat. Martin Grech)
0:57:45 – Escape the Fate – Just A Memory
1:38:35 – Justin Bieber – Sorry
Outro – A Day to Remember – You Had Me At Hello