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Hey there boys and girls,

Just me and Dom this time as Ricky had to take care of his daughter.
Quite a sedate episode as we go over the newly released SCGT pack giving some initial thoughts.

My personal highlight of the episode is a special message from Russ “The Face” Veal, so listen out for that.

New Dawn tickets are available into 07/02/16 so there is still time to join us there. We announce a fantastic offer from Scenery Dice and fail to mention a great offer where by if you enter New Dawn you can get a FREE ticket to the SELWG Smash event! see details below.

Teal dice have unfortunately sold out, but there are some black & gold still available. Get them whilst you can!

I’ve also started a new thing on Twitter where I create a poll, so you the listener can pick one of the music breaks – this was won today by the amazing Taylor Swift!! Look out for this feature in future!

We’d love to hear from you. The show e-mail address is and all our Twitter handles can be found on the contacts page.

Check out the following links;
New Dawn – my upcoming AoS Tournament –
TBS Darklands Blog
Warscroll Builder (now featuring SCGT pool choices – hit up Tony on Twitter for feedback @ipaintltledudes) –
SCGT 2016 inf0
SELWG Smash (get a FREE ticket when you sign up to New Dawn) –
Scenery Dice (get 10% off and FREE delivery to New Dawn) –

Hope you enjoy, see you soon
Chris – @the_black_sun

Intro – Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound
0:22:40 – Panic! At the Disco – The Vegas Lights
0:45:55 – Taylor Swift – Style
Outro – Silverstein – Departures